Well Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have A Bear…

Two bears in fact! Blue and Maisey will be posing for their photographs tomorrow, and available for adoption on Monday. I’ll pop their photos up here tomorrow after their portrait session – they’re currently off fluffing themselves up to show off...
Cross post!

Cross post!

A bit of a cross post today with my Mashed Taters blog (365 photo project featuring Mr Potatohead).Mr Potatohead was not impressed that someone was trying to steal his limelight…Just a little preview of forthcoming attractions :oD

Website Is Go!

I have finally managed to complete the new Littlest Thistle webpage, please check it out here. Now that I have managed to complete that, I can get back to the little piles of fur that have been less than silently bearating me for the last week for not assembling them!...

Blog Giveaway

Check out the blog giveaway over at Mousetales to celebrate the new year. The first prize is the sweetest wee teacup bear, the sceond some prints, and the third a goodie bag, so well worth checking out.
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