Camera Challenges 2015

It’s an oft heard refrain, especially early in the new year after new toys have been received for Christmas, ‘I want to know how to use my camera’.  Many online sites are super technical and off putting, or have a ‘set way’ to do things that works for the author, who lives in practically tropical climes and never seems to get bad weather, oh, and who also doesn’t have a job, so if their perfect time of day to take photos is 3pm, that won’t inconvenience anyone.  The thing with the world wide web is that people passing on information can’t assume where anyone is, what their setup is or even what their ideal photo is, so the latter approach is not ideal, and the former… well, if you’ve got a particularly scientific mind you might wish to figure out what the complex diagrams and explanations mean, but hey, you probably have a life to live aside from digesting science essays!

What I will attempt to do during the course of 2015 is to help you learn how to use your camera to achieve what you specifically want to do.  Now a pre-requisite of this challenge series is that you will need to have a camera that allows you to change the settings manually, and unfortunately most compacts do not fall into this category – most phones these days have cameras that will match up with the majority of compacts.  On the plus side, the cost of bridge cameras and DSLRs has come down dramatically over the years, with an entry level DSLR going for £200-£300, and a bridge camera coming in at around £100 – £150, especially if you look around in the January sales, or February sales, or, well, there’s usually a sale on or cashback offer somewhere ;o)

Each month there will be 2 posts, 1 issuing a photographic challenge, and the other walking through what the results of the challenges mean.

12/01 Introduction Post

26/01 Challenge 1

30/01 Good Camera Practices

09/02 Challenge 1 Review Post & Link Up

23/02 Challenge 2

06/03 White Balancing Your 50 Shades Of Grey

09/03 Challenge 2 Review Post & Link Up

23/03 Challenge 3

06/04 Challenge 3 Review Post & Link Up

25/04 Photo Quality & Stability

27/04 Challenge 4

11/05 Challenge 4 Review Post & Link Up

25/05 Challenge 5

08/06 Challenge 5 Review Post & Link Up

22/06 Challenge 6

13/07 Challenge 6 Review Post & Link Up

27/07 Challenge 7

10/08 Challenge 7 Review Post & Link Up

24/08 Challenge 8

14/09 Challenge 8 Review Post & Link Up

28/09 Challenge 9

12/10 Challenge 9 Review Post & Link Up

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Littlest Thistle Camera Challenge 2015

Littlest Thistle Camera Challenge 2015

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