Okay peeps, before we kick off the randomness, there are still 2 unclaimed Q1 FAL prizes, you have until tomorrow to get in touch with me or I redraw!

And moving on to the usual madness…

1. So have you heard the pitter patter of tiny feet lately?  No?  Well think about the poor family in Sweden who found their pitter patter was caused by this (yep, that is a giant rat, just in case you were wondering):

2. Shifting a little across the species, did you know that flamingos can only eat when their heads are upside down?  It gives me a lump in my throat just thinking about it!

3. And from one bird to another, did you know that the governor of Wisconsin just had to set into law that rubber duck racing was legal?  Previously it fell under lottery laws, meaning that the village of Mishicot’s annual rubber duck race was illegal.  Personally, I want this one at the next local race:

4. From one toy to another, workers in Scotland’s sewer systems have cleared over 40,000 blockages in the last year, with the causes ranging from cooking oil, nappies, a bike, a fax machine and a giant Pooh…

5. Bringing us back full circle to Sweden, have you ever forgot you owned something?  I mean sure, the odd item of clothing that gets buried at the back of the wardrobe, but have you ever forgotten anything really big?  You know, like a luxury yacht?  Huh, yeah, me neither, but apparently a wealthy Swedish man forgot his in a harbour for 2 years!  That’s some oversight…

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