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Moving on to our random for the week:

1. While the 6 Nations kicked off for another year last weekend, our friends across the pond were kidding themselves on that they had their own well padded ‘world’ event ;o)  There were some interesting 6 Nations twists (which is a nice way of saying I was laughing my arse off on Saturday night, because I’d been reading the play by plays on the BBC Sports site), but it would be fair to say that there was nothing like the pomp and circumstance surrounding the Superbowl.  The Foo Fighters did not play in a carpark in the UK, France or Ireland the day before any of the games.  Nor did Beyonce, Jay Z, Bruno Mars or the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform.  Bob Dylan didn’t even appear in an ad break (mainly because it’s on the BBC, so, err, no ads)  We also didn’t have any fun confetti.  I vote we at least aim for the confetti next year…

2. Speaking of fun things in the Americas, Bolivia is hosting the month long Alasitas festival in La Paz.  This festival of miniatures sees thousands of visitors flock to buy miniature replicas of things that they hope the gods will turn into a full size realisation of their dreams this year.  Hmm, new house anyone?

3. Did the gods bring you an Aston Martin in the last 6 years?  Well you might want to get it checked out, after 17,000 got recalled due to a potential fault with the accelerator pedal.  Nothing serious then…

4. Maybe if an Aston Martin isn’t in your price range, a ‘Little Tikes’ car would be more up your street, although the lack of windows given the wind and rain here lately might make it a bit off putting:

5. Finally, while most of us are trying desperately to remember a day when it didn’t rain (beginning of December maybe?), the Scottish snow resorts are revelling in the fact that they’ve had twice as much snow as 2010 Winter Olympic venue, Whistler, in Canada, as well as having more than Aspen, Kitzbuhel, Klosters, Lillehammer and Courchevel.  The fact that you can’t really see because the precipitation keeps falling is a minor inconvenience.  So I’m expecting to be bowled over in the rush from the airports to our slopes…

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