You may have noticed, of late, that the bee blocks around here have been featuring a lot of LV fabrics.  I suspect this isn’t going to end soon, so when Rachael at The Floral Suitcase said she’d host an LV charm swap, I leapt on it like a Titanic survivor to a life ring!

Here’s what I spent Saturday hacking up to send out as my contribution.  I’m taking 2 spots, I’m that desperate…

A little Bark & Branch, and some Pearl Bracelets, all looking nicely LV, right?  I’ll get 2 x 56 different LV fabrics back, which at the current rate of going will last me til about, oooooh, February ;o)

Then while I was at the Village Haberdashery, a little more just leapt into my basket.  As it does…

What can I say, it was on sale.  And the middle two bits have llamas on, and who doesn’t need fabric with llamas?

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