Eeek, Thursday again so soon!  Oh well, it’s a good job I keep a stash of randoms ready for this day each week…

1. One of the UK wildlife parks has banned people from entering wearing fake animal prints as it baffles the animals.  Offenders will be handed a grey boiler suit to wear over the top of the garment in question.  Darnit, that means none of these little numbers can come out of my wardrobe for my zufari…

2. I think I’ve found the highest paying artisan job ever – Roger Smith makes 10 £100,000 watches every year by hand, making every single component from scratch.  Whilst the money might be good, I’m not sure that would be a high enough price for what little sanity I have left..

3. Did you know that 30 years ago a man saved the world from complete meltdown after suspecting a computer was giving him false information?  The Soviet missile detection system was telling him that there was an incoming missile strike from the US, however he had heard nothing from the non-computerised detection systems telling him anything was happening, so he quietly dismissed it as a false alarm and didn’t follow the escalation protocol that would have seen a retaliation strike.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we hire software testers these days!  Although I don’t think I’ve ever met a developer that was ecstatic to see us ;o)

4. Great news for the millions of Brits Abroad invading Spain each year, they’re considering a time change to bring them in line with the UK and Portugal.  Up until 1942 they had been in line with us, but General Franco decided that he would link up with Nazi Germany instead and moved them on to Central European Time.  Now a report suggests that there’s a whole host of problems associated with the time zone and productivity, so MPs are weighing up their options.  Yup, no more losing an hour at the bar, folks…

5. Should the extra beach time get you into that holiday frame of mind on a longer term basis, you could join a very mini migration to become a beach comber on Christmas Island, although there locals agree there is one slightly unfortunate downside with the lack of a dentist on the island.  Maybe that’s where you could carve your niche then, beach combing dentist perhaps?

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