Ahh, it’s that time of the week again…

This week’s petted lip huff relates to shorts.  Honestly, I *hate* shorts shopping – it’s summer, it’s hot in the South of France, and I want something comfy that isn’t a skirt.  This summer (like every summer of late) super-short shorts are the fashion du jour.  Trust me, you do *not* want to see me in hot pants.  I’d put you off your lunch.  I’d put myself off my lunch.  I have rower’s thighs, enough said…  Anyway, some of them have ‘roll down legs’ this year, which makes them a reasonable length, but it seems everyone else that wasn’t a size 6 got there before me *sigh*

This week’s baffling road sign?  Red X Is Mandatory.  Now I do know what this means, but how about any of the non-Brits, anyone want to take a guess?  I couldn’t even find a photo of this elusive beast, that I frequently see on my way to and from work (with no red X in sight)

I’m sure the prospect of having twins is enough to make any woman wince slightly, and cross their legs, but imagine being the poor lady in Glasgow who gave birth to her third set recently, positively makes your eyes water!

Remember that giveaway I had for SMS Giveaway day with the pouch and accompanying tea?  Well I hate tea, but I certainly learned more about it from people’s entries stating what flavour they’d like in accompaniment.  Turns out though, that some of you could be saving yourself a fortune, after Aldi’s 99p Berry Fruits tea scored higher in a taste test than Harrod’s £5.95 Green Tea With Bergamot.  I know lots of you shop at Harrod’s…

Jamie Oliver, come back, the schoolkids need you again!  Apparently 1 in 3 primary school kids think cheese comes from a plant, and 1 in 5 think fish fingers come from chicken.  Oh dear…

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