Another week, another round of randomness…

1. They do some odd things in Preston, I tell you.  As I was coming out of the Sainsbury’s petrol station at Bamber Bridge I saw a sign for a Gently Used Baby Sale.  I wonder how much a ‘gently used’ baby goes for?  I mean would it be cheaper than a regular one as it’s been ‘gently used’ or would it be more expensive as presumably it will have been gently trained a little?

2. I swear Transport Scotland have finally lost their minds.  I’m quite used to the motorway advisory messages, such as ‘Wear Your Seatbelt’, ‘Don’t Drink And Drive’, ‘Drive Carefully’ and, even though it makes me laugh every time I see it, ‘Observe Speed Limit’ but the one I saw on the way north last Sunday gave me a complete WTF moment, ‘Drive Efficiently’.  I’m sorry, what?!  I think I can hear the members of MLDA celebrating because they think it means they don’t need to change lanes ever again!

3. If you’ve ever wondered what people working in consulates do, it turns out that not only do they handle arrests, illness and death plus passport and visa issues, they also answer calls to silence crowing cockerels, translating for people’s tattoos and ordering husbands to get fit and eat healthily so that the requesters can have kids…

4. Observed in a traffic queue this week, was a van bearing the tagline ‘Edible Fats & Oils, Flour, Tomatoes, Cleaning Products & More’ as they were ‘Suppliers to the Catering Industry’.  I really don’t want to ever be eating at that restaurant – blech!

5. I went to an interview the other day to become a volunteer for the Commonwealth Games next year.  Rest assured those of you that thought the Olympic mascots were weird, we’ve passed over all the futuristic options to have…  a giant stuff thistle.  With a face.  And a saltire sports kit.  Fabulous…

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