I can’t believe no-one guessed the answer to last week’s phrase association question, I don’t know, do none of you read the news? ;o)  The answer was, in case you were wondering, that they were all phrases that politicians and celebrities have used to cover up their extra-marital affairs.  You’ll never be able to look at a badger in the same way again…

And so onto this week’s madness:

1. So is it irony or cunning planning that a $1m jewel heist was carried out in Cannes on the day that they were showing Sofia Coppola’s new film The Bling Ring, where a bunch of high school students find out about when celebrities are on the red carpet so they can break into their homes and steal their designer clothes, bags and shoes?

2. I had a rather surreal moment this week while sitting in a meeting.  One of my colleagues had forgotten to turn off his phone before coming into the meeting, and as the Ghostbusters theme song played out while he fumbled to find it, in the background, 3 council workers were walking past the window armed with strimmers and leaf blowers, complete with power back packs…

3. I got an interesting visual in my head this week when I read the headline about a cruise ship getting stranded in Oban.  Envisaging a behemoth like last week’s offering towering over the CalMac ferries, the crowds of local sailing boats and fishing boats, and casting a dark shadow over the town, I opened the article only to see…

Hmm, think CalMac can rest safe!

4. Have you ever lain down and just looked up at the sky?  Since I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred this week, during the ‘Abs’ phases as I’m lying there ‘crunching’ I can look out my new windows and see all sorts of aircraft flying by – who knew the airspace over the centre of Glasgow was so populated!

 5.  Dress down Friday can be a bit of a revelation, and not in a good way!  As one of my more, um, mature colleagues had the proverbial mercilessly ripped out of him for his choice of rather psychedelic floral shirt (he blamed his wife, but I doubt it somehow ;o) ), it brought about the conversation about what age one should stop wearing certain things (it should be noted that our youngest team member was sporting a plain white t-shirt and jeans, rather putting the rest of us to shame!)  So at what age should men stop wearing psychedelic shirts, t-shirts with slogans more suited to the average 13-year-old, and anything neon?

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