Well, before the postage from the US went up anyway ;o)  This fun bundle of goodies finally arrived this week, and it’ll be my last order for a while (not to do with the postage rises as much as there’s nothing else particularly grabbing me right now)

1/2 yards of some funky prints that will look great in pouches or bags or something I haven’t planned out yet…

1/2 yards of texty goodness – How To Make A Pillowcase and How To Iron A Shirt, neither of which I ever anticipate doing, but it’s good to be prepared…

The real reason for this order (but one has to fill the envelope ;o) ) with a panel of Camp Sur, along with a couple of fat quarters of the camping and caravan fabrics, half a yard of the orange bears, and a couple of yards of the grey (which I adore, and will guard carefully for the perfect project)

So tell me, is there anything you think I need to break my fabric embargo for, or can the bank account get a small break?

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