So last week some of you were more interested in my new toy than my absent mojo – honestly, some people ;o)  Oh well then, here’s the lowdown…

Happy Christmas to me!  We’re all for practical Christmas presents in my family, and every year, around the start of October, my grandmothers both ask what I’d like for my present.  Each year I try to come up with something that they can donate money for me to buy either outright, or which I will supplement to get something that I’d really like, but have been unable to purchase on my own.  This year I’d been eyeing up a new mixer, with Kenwood being the front runner as a brand, since I still had my mum’s old early 1970’s model (after she got a new one a few years ago)  It still works, but is in rather dire need of a service, so I’ve not really been using it for fear of it blowing up!  I had also been hoping that I’d get one with a liquidiser, because the blender I have is a super cheap Tesco number (about £10) that I got in dire straights when the one that went with my Moulinex food processor gave up the ghost (it cracked right across the bottom, and being a sealed unit, couldn’t be fixed)  Between the food processor, blender and original Kenwood Chef cluttering up my worksurface, I realised that if there was a way of getting everything in one go, then I could claim back some space!

Introducing the Kenwood Major Mega Pack
from Amazon…

No, my grandmothers were not that generous (I didn’t ask them to be!), this was a supplemented year, and the reason I have it now is that it is on a great offer right now, and I had an interest free option for 6 months on my newly cleared down credit card which only ran til next week.

Here’s the main mixer, food processor attachment and liquidiser attachment on the worksurface:

So, err, I’ve managed to save the grand total of the width of a bag of flour in space (which I know because that’s what happens to be sitting there right now…)  Oh, and there’s a huge pile of other attachments I had to find space for in a storage rack *ahem*  Still, I can now mix things, liquidise things, food process things, juice citrus, mince things, mini-mill things, and weigh things.

I wonder if it needs a cover…

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