Okay, if you are of a delicate disposition, and are easily offended by sweary words, look away now.  Seriously.  Off you go…

Anyone still here?

So anyway, a while back Allegory came up with idea for a small swap of items containing sweary words.  This has puzzled the families of many participants, but you know what?  Sometimes it’s fun to let it all hang out ;o)  Anyway, my partner expressed a love for Anna Maria Horner, among others (she could have wiped my stash in seconds lol) and I saw the rest of my Innocent Crush collection and thought she would be the perfect recipient.  Then my mind wandered off, you know, as it does, trying to work out what to do, and then it came to me…

I know, I know, there are AMH fans out there sharpening their pitchforks now and setting out to hunt me down, but it amused me, and I hope it amuses the recipient.

I also threw in an extra, and having toyed with a number of ideas, spotted this week’s Zakka Style project and changed my mind at the last second to work with that.  There will be mini pegs to go on the ric rac here before it goes to the PO tomorrow, I couldn’t find the few I thought I had, but I think I know where to get some tomorrow morning.

I thought this might be more hang-able in a public area of the house, but you know, she can stick it where she likes.  Literally.  Just kidding ;o)

Then I popped in my last, whole FQ of Innocent Crush.

Hope it all works for you partner…

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