You may recall from my WIP Tuesday and Travel Handmade posts from last week that I was attempting to make some Meghan peasant dresses out of my bargain John Lewis fabric:

Thankfully there isn’t too much cutting out and sticking together, although the one bit I wasn’t sure about was the length of the bodice section.  Reading that the recommended line for those of us with larger chests was #3, that’s what I cut out, however in hindsight, having finished, I think my 34Gs should have embraced the #2 cut line, and that’s what I’m going to use when I make up the tunic version.  The fabric I chose has built in stretchiness, so it was really quite forgiving in terms of fit, even if it was a bit of a bugger to cut out!

The pattern itself is easy to follow, and I actually just used my overlocker to do the seams rather than my sewing machine then zig zagging the edge.  Now let me give you today’s PSA – it takes rather longer to unpick overlocked stitches than regular ones, even with a pair of scissors cutting through one main thread allowing the rest to be pulled through.  Overlocking uses yards and yards of thread, so you may end up with a huge ball of unpicked thread in the event that you, say, sew the bodice and the skirt together with the skirt inside out.  There may or may not have been lots of swearing at that point…

My only other issue is their idea of leg length – I should have taken into account that while I have long legs, I have a short torso, so even though I chose what *should* have been the right length, using their can-can leg measurements, it actually ended up about 4″ too long.  Oh well, I was going to make a hair tie thing anyway…

Here’s the unhemmed pink version, the blue is pretty much identical.  Hemming is on my to do before I go list, but quite far down right now as I’m kind of thinking my last weekend will be working on odds and sods like that.

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