I got all the remaining backgrounds cut for my retro flowers last night, and this afternoon cut all the 1″ strips for the square blocks.  I was going to start with sewing the curves, but you know, those squares looked like an easier place to start… ;o)  Because I had handily cut strips 15 1/2″ in length, I was able to do 2 squares at a time on one strip in both directions.  Yay for totally flukey cutting width choice/maths!  Anyway, here are all my pieces cut.  The centres are 1/2 done, so didn’t really merit their own pic.  Guess I need to tackle those curves soon…

BTW, random fact of the day, did you know that it’s Gideon Sundback’s 132nd birthday today?  ‘Who is Gideon Sundback?’ I hear you ask.  He’s the man that made all those wee pouches possible, the one that invented the notion feared by seamstresses far and wide, yes folks, he invented the zip.

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