It all started when I found the Dylon spray starch at Tesco and decided to give it a go (having previously been using the Lakeland stuff in a trigger style bottle).  Well, it make the fabric stiffer, but it also made a HUGE mess of the iron, as in, the iron actually stuck to it, a lot.  Ugh!  So then I had to go and get iron cleaner.  I was originally going to head back to Lakeland, but then my erstwhile lunchtime walking buddy said that John Lewis was good for cleaners and things too, which reminded me of their fab sale of Joel Dewberry (@ Β£5.12/m) so we had to stop by and see if it was still at those ridiculous prices after pay day, and guess what, it was… :oD  This is all in the name of future bag making.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it… ;o)

Oh, and for those who are deeply concerned by the iron, I did get some iron cleaner in Lakeland, and some more starch…

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