I have been getting into sewing a lot recently, that is dress and bag-making rather than bear-making, and I got a new toy, isn’t it pretty?

Well, okay, maybe not pretty, but shiny anyway :o)  I have plans to introduce it to the Bitty Baby clothes tomorrow night.  Well, just as soon as I’ve read the very large instruction manual – it even came with a DVD for crying out loud!  I’m wondering just how easy it will be to thread a 4 threaded beastie too…

Anywho, onto my discovery – that degree in maths and computer science was not a complete waste in my creative endeavours.  This is my work table right now:

How many things from my high school maths classes can you spot on there, between the other tools, gadgets and gizmos?  Then there’s the several hours I’ve spent playing with pattern pieces on Visio, working out the perfect dimensions for my new super-secret project, eyeing up rulers, calculating seam allowances, working out the best way to get all the pieces together, and then arranging and rearranging on digital pieces of material to get the optimum layout so that I can actually get 2 sets of the super-secret projects out of my limited pieces of material.  Now I just have to put it into practice…

Fear not, the bears have not been abandoned, I’m just branching out :oD

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