My little pink girl, Willow, is all done, however she’s a bit shy standing waiting for a little dress to be crocheted for her, so she didn’t want to step in front of the camera just yet. Now some of you may recall that my mother tried to teach me to crochet a few months ago. I had the hooks, I had the ‘wool’ (remembering I’m allergic to lanolin so wool to me is actually from cotton or the lesser spotted acrylic lol) Alas I did not have the ability to actually crochet. She was baffled, then she was curious, and then she laughed, I think she even cried she was laughing so hard at one point. So guess who’s getting to crochet the bear outfits now!

I have a whole, luxurious weekend out of the office – yay! To celebrate I’ll be bearing ALL weekend. Well, apart from having to nip out to the bank and make a batch of Chinese mushroom soup for work lunches, which should only take up tomorrow morning…

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