So you know how yesterday I had a pretty small list of things to work on, just a couple of piles of fabric?  Err, yes, apparently I forgot entirely that I had 5 bee blocks to get working on, and snappy!

1. Stitch Tease strip for Danny – this has to be our favourite blocks.  Oh my, this might get random is all I’m saying!

Stitch Tease

2. Brit Bee blocks for Susan – we have to make 2 star blocks (it seems this autumn I will be seeing stars for Susan for a while ;o) )  I got a by on this from October, so I’m playing catchup.

Brit Bee

3. Piece Bee With You block for Lotti – this is around the theme of traditional British boys’ toys – I have an idea, just have to draw it out (this is also a by from last month)

Piece Bee With You

4. Brit Bee block for Sarah – Oh sweary words, just read the destructions for this, as the fabric only just arrived, and can I say eek?!  At least this is only this month’s block!

Brit Bee

5. Stitch Tease block for Helen – oops, looks like I need to order some fabric for this, better get onto that!  Hope I don’t get drummed out of the modern quilting world in the meantime for being all out of Kona Ash ;o)

Stitch Tease

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